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  • After I Die - Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu

    They’ll say of me
    When I’m gone
    "All he did was write poetry.
    And wander, hands in pockets,
    On rainy nights.
    Pity," they'll say
    after reading my diary
    "What a hapless man,
    Defeated by poverty”

  • Repentance - Rüştü Onur

    Dear God
    I never bared my soul
    Reunion must wait
    Until judgment day.

    There is neither sailboat nor ship
    In the harbor
    Must wait for a long voyage
    The ships are said to be on a coral shore
    Finding them
    Must wait for gloomy days.

  • Life History - Behçet Necatigil

    As I lie on the cross of years
    the days
    Stone my body
    Nailed to my horizon
    Seasons come and go
    Rain clouds...
    Who knows whether
    My lidded pot boils
    With meat or misery?

    They left one by one
    And none
    Invited us to join.

    Memories, the fools
    Flood me with their presence.
    Straws in wells exposed me
    Like a secret.

    All that remains of my hopes
    Is gone.
    My fears wait their turn.
    O night, save me
    From all this lightness
    I’m surrounded with!